Birchbox 11 & 12?

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I have to get something off my chest. You probably didn’t even notice, but I did not blog about my #11 and #12 Birchbox. My subscription ended in March and I failed to let you know how the last two went. The truth is—you didn’t miss much.

To be quite honest, they were…boring. I kept getting the same things over and over. Shampoo and conditioner, a little perfume (I liked those), and a nail polish. The same thing (with a different brand) kept making its way to my mailbox every month. That’s why I decided not to renew my subscription. In my last box one of the bottles came empty, but a customer service rep fixed that in a jiffy and sent me a new bottle.

That wasn’t the complete reason I didn’t renew my Birchbox membership, I also felt like the $10 a month could be better spent. I might renew my Spotify subscription. I really do love being able to play any song, anywhere; especially for my workouts. The Pandora Pop Fitness station has run its course. It is the best one I could find though.

That being said, I’m still a fan of Birchbox and I think it can be a very fun “treat yo’self” membership. For me, after one year, it just got a little stale because I outgrew the desire for getting beauty products. They start piling up and it’s no longer a special treat. I would highly recommend people to try it out though, just go month by month and you can cancel at anytime if you need the money to go elsewhere.

All in all, I think my favorite box was #5—it had lipstick and some of the best smelling perfume I’ve ever experienced. I’m still saving up for a full bottle.

Birchbox #5 (July 2013)

birchbox july

For your convenience, here’s the links if you want to take a look back at my Birchbox history (minus two boxes):


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  1. Sara

    March 26, 2014 9:33 am

    I’m still contemplating canceling mine! I agree about it not being a treat after a while.
    That Juliette perfume is really intriguing to me… I really wish there was a way to request certain products to try, because I would love to try that!


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