DIY: Twisted Fabric Rose Ring


The twisted fabric rose is one that has been around for a while, but there are so many things you could do with it… add to hair clips, jewelry, magnets, buttons, and well those are just a few of the things. You could also use them for scrapbooking and card making. Point being, if you don’t want a ring, just use them for something else. These are perfect for using up scrap fabric.

twisted_fabric_rose_2Now on to the tutorial. You will need one strip of fabric (1″ x 20″), glue, ring base, clothespin, and dowel (optional).

Fold the fabric strip in half and using one finger in the folded end twist while holding the other end in your other hand. For tighter, easier twisting, use a dowel in place of your finger after getting the initial twisting started. Now twist until just before it starts to fold on it’s self, but don’t actually let it fold on itself. Start forming the center of the rose by wrapping in a circular direction starting at the dowel. Continue wrapping until you have used all the fabric; you may need to continue twisting as you wrap. Keep a tight hold or it while you work. Flip it over, remove the dowel, add glue, and press down on the tail of the fabric. Place inside a clothespin to dry. Once it’s dry add clear glue to the ring base and attach the rose. What would you use these cute little fabric roses for?

twisted_fabric_rose(Sorry for the not so beautiful pictures in this tutorial, but a combination of poor lighting and a busy schedule equal not so visually appealing pictures. But hey at least I cropped out my foot which I used to hold things while taking these pictures, and my hand that had several reminder notes written on it.)



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