DIY: White Chocolate Covered Cranberries


The holidays (and the Nightman) cometh. Which means, it’s party time! Bring this delicious treat, and you’re sure to be the biggest hit at the soiree. These little beauties get requested every year, without fail!


1 bag of whole fresh cranberries (do not use frozen or dried)
6 squares of almond bark


Rinse berries

The first thing you’ll need to do is rinse the cranberries, and dry them well. I use a colander, and then dump them out onto a tea towel (bonus points if your Granny hand embroidered the tea towels!). Pat them dry, and then let them air dry for a while. It’s very important they don’t retain any moisture on the exterior, as this would hinder adhesion of the almond bark.

Dry berries

While the berries are drying, you’re going to have to pick through them and separate out the “bad berries”. Any berries that have burst, or are super mushy, need to go. The burst berries won’t let the almond bark adhere, and the mushy ones won’t provide that pop/crunch of flavor that is integral to these treats!

separate berries

 You’re going to be touching pretty much every berry, so before this step, wash your hands! Mrs. Meyer’s Basil soap is my favorite, ever.

wash hands!

While the berries are drying, this is the perfect time to enjoy some tea, and a good documentary! I watched Restrepo, which I highly recommend.

restrepo the movie and tea

Once your berries are COMPLETELY dry, start the almond bark melting. I use a double boiler, because it provides the most consistent heat for the task! I have a friend who successfully microwaves the almond bark over and over to achieve the consistency, but it’s so much easier with the double boiler.

double boiler

The almond bark looks so cute just melting in the pot! There are only four pictured here, but for your whole bag of cranberries, you’ll need six full squares of the almond bark.

melting almond bark

While the almond bark is melting, lay down wax paper near your work area. This is where you’ll transfer the finished product to harden!

wax paper

Once the almond bark is fully melted, grab your utensil of choice. I prefer a small teaspoon. My mama prefers a fork, so the almond bark can drip off the bottom. I find a spoon works better with my technique!

melted almond bark with berries

Throw a few berries in the melty goodness. Don’t do too many at one time, because you don’t want them to get too heated and burst. I threw five in here, but it actually works quite well to just do one berry at a time.

Here is a short video demonstration of my cranberry covering technique! Please excuse the terrible quality and vertical nature of the video – I know it looks horrible. It was difficult to hold the phone in one hand and do the berry with the other!

Once all your berries are done, let them harden completely on the wax paper!

hardened berries

You might even get one or two that are besties for life…

bestie berries

You can transfer them to a storage container of your choice. I keep them in the refrigerator just to prevent any melting, but that’s not necessary.

Enjoy the finished product, and the ensuing popularity of your berry treats!


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